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A Discussion about Wind Turbines and the Possible Vibrational/Sound Effects on People and the Environment

Over the last 10 years, I’ve noticed a variety of Wind Turbine Farms in various locations where I have traveled.  Flying into Amsterdam airport, I saw the beautiful Wind Turbine Farm in the ocean.  While driving through the desert near Palm Springs I could not help but be amazed at the landscape of what I will call windmills for miles around.  I have seen a few windmills dotting the mountainous landscape in the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania. I think they look quite beautiful and invoke happy memories of playing with pinwheels as a child or hearing stories of the windmills in the Dutch countryside of Holland being an integral part of someone’s life.

 I’ve always thought of them as a thing of beauty.  Then about 3-4 years ago, a client of mine asked me to research the negative aspects of living near a wind turbine.  I did a cursory review of the literature and decided since I was working on other major projects that I would just provide my client with the references and contact information for people doing the research.

 So many research summaries come through my email daily that sometimes I pick and choose what to read or use.  While I didn’t read the articles about wind turbine farms, I began seeing more and more discussions about the topic so I thought it would be a good topic for my cbs radio show Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis (   While I typically talk about personal cell frequencies, an underlying topic is always how does any sound impact the body’s wellness.

 I searched out what is being said. Of course, as with any subject, there are people saying wind turbine noise is more or less harmless as well as people saying that the effect of the sound can have a major health impact.  The effects seem to affect limited numbers of people and happen closer to the wind turbine noise source.  Some researchers indicate that the effects can be mitigated by varying the type of expectation of the listener.  A few connect the health challenges directly associated with the lack of sleep which may come from the exposure to the infrasound noise heard continuously in their home environment.  I am sure that both sides have a level of validity to their responses.

 I would like to interject something into the discussion which I’m sure some will discard as non-scientific.  I will relate it to my overall comments about the body’s responsiveness to sound in daily life.  Each cell in our body resonates its own frequency and therefore our wellness depends on how these cells harmonize together.  Our body naturally wants to stay in this harmonious relationship but unfortunately, the frequencies of the energy around us can create an imbalance with the internal struggle of the cells to stay in harmony.  Call it the biophysics of the body.  Or call it bioacoustics, a term most often researched with mammals or birds. The term is also applied to humans, although still in the beginnings of accepted research.

 We need to look at the bioacoustics of the human cell frequencies and the impact of an invading sound, in this case either an audible sound from the wind turbine and typically under 84 Hz, or an infrasound, a sound so low in frequency that it is a sound not ‘heard’ by the ear. How does the infrasound response of the wind turbine impact our body’s cellular frequencies?  Does it alter the mathematical algorithm of our cell’s harmonic balance?  And if so, how does it change the body’s resonance?  Is it creating a disturbance in sleep, which is a major complaint from most people impacted from the wind turbines?  Does the rhythm of the turbine impact the body’s overall rhythms?  Our body rhythms are understood with our heart rate and breath stream to name two.  These  two body reactions are noted with the reported articles as having an impact on people’s health.  Another consideration is the exposure to the wind turbine sounds in areas where sound will bounce around walls creating an extra stimulation.  One report indicated that the sound heard in the person’s home appeared to have a greater impact on them.  These responses can lead to emotional and psychological fears or reactions which have also been reported in various articles.  Research must look at both sides and yet as the possibility for an increase in solar wind power evolves, we must look at how it impacts us in the moment and long term.

 So I introduce this discussion for consideration.  Since the ‘debate’ of whether wind turbine farms impact the environment and its inhabitants has been going on for over 30 years, I would expect this idea to not take hold immediately. I throw the idea out there for future research and debate.  Let’s take a look at the impact based upon each person’s cellular frequency reactions and then relate those responses to how it may impact their health and wellness.  Sound can be beneficial and sound can be harmful.  One person’s response may be different from another person’s response.  Sometimes the responses are immediate; and other responses take place over time—the body adapting to the new cellular frequencies and rhythms.  This may be harder to identify and test but hopefully over the next 10 years, this type of research will be easier. 

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Entrepreneur wanted—–I want others to be able to access my work when I’m gone

Yesterday while receiving the benefits of acupuncture, I shared with my acupuncture practitioner my wish.  “I want others to be able to access my work when I’m gone.” He asked “So you really want a mentor?”, to which I responded, ‘yes, but no’.  While I want to train someone in a mentorship capacity, I really need someone who can understand the benefits of alternative approaches to learning and wellness but more importantly someone who can bring my Davis Model of Sound Intervention℠ to others through new product development, funding for the processes, realizing the potential for applications of my model and products, an ability to grow a new business model, organizing company growth, and finding ways to train people to use the approach.


I will be ‘retiring’ from the current way The Davis Center operates in a few years so I need to put my wish out there in order to find the person I want to share my work with when that time comes.  My whole model and process utilizes the importance of ‘your voice’, so my voice is saying “I want to find the right person to share my business concept and potential before I ‘retire’.”  They will not be investing in what has been but rather what is possible for the future.


I am not looking for a venture capitalist.  I am looking for a young entrepreneur with exciting new energy who understands that energy medicine, and in this case sound energy, is going to be the newer and more acceptable paradigm for both wellness and learning over the next 25+ years.  The right person must be willing to work long and hard to develop the model, be able to bounce back when knocked down, and yet have the integrity to work for each person’s individual right to function at their personal best. Yes, allopathic medicine and the current educational models will still be in place but the concept of repatterning your body’s energy to support self-healing will be growing as a complement to these two pathways. This entrepreneur must be able to help with the funding for this advancement of my model.  I am not searching for someone who wants a job.  I am searching for someone who wants to be infused with an exciting future, making a change for the world, and be able to support all people with feeling better, feeling more energized, feeling less stressed, being more cognitively aware, being better able to attend in all situations, and so much more. The entire concept supports self-healing from within at the person’s core cellular level.


Imagine a world where each day as you wake up, you can determine the sound patterns that will balance your functioning for that day!  That is possible and I want to share this potential with someone special so that together we can share it with the world!  My voice has spoken!  The Universe will bring me the best person!  Please share this with your networks!  As Edgar Cayce once said, “Sound is the medicine of the future”, but in the Davis Model of Sound Intervention℠’s case, sound affects all we do—as a subtle resonant energy system in your body.  My logo says “Sound Therapy, Changing Lives”.  Please help me find the best person interested in making a difference in the future with sound for themselves and others.  They can reach me at


Cycle of Life—Cycle of Sound

A small step forward, a small step backward creates a cycle of life; so too a cycle of sound. Life seems to be a series of cycles of positives and negatives, ups and downs, happiness versus sadness, remembering and forgetting, and/or health interrupted by illness.  It’s time to relate these cycles to our natural balance of energy–environmentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  All life is a cycle.  Life is movement at its smallest segment.  This movement is vibration striving for balance at its core frequency or resonance.

 As humans, our bodies are made from thousands of cells.  Each cell emits its own frequency or sound. Each frequency has its own cycle, indicating an up and down phase of that cycle. As with the cycle of life in general, so too is this cycle of frequency, a cycle of sound. Cell control between the body and the environment orchestrates the rhythm and pattern of our life’s cycle.  This movement between the external and internal vibrational world of our body is our essence of life, impacting us to our core DNA.

 Within our cycle of life, we experience happiness and sadness. Among many scientists it is believed that trauma can impact our lives at our core cellular level and alter our lives at that level from that point in time onward, unless actively moved to alter or rebalance that pattern.  One possible way to address the cellular change from trauma is by understanding the frequency changes that occur from that trauma, and then work to repattern or rebalance those altered frequencies. 

As a subtle energy system of the body, The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection℠ can help identify how the cellular imbalances impact each person in daily life–physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  The Davis Model of Sound Intervention® then uses specific sound-based therapies to repattern their personal cycle of sound.  By harmonically balancing our personal cycle of sound, we also balance our core cycle of life. Ototoning is a technique to support this process. While outside influences can still trigger imbalances, if we learn how to use our core frequency needs to support our overall wellness, our cycle of life seems more balanced overall.


Sound Processing is Not Sensory Responsiveness; It’s Mind/Body Responsiveness

When people hear the word ‘sound’, they assume that the ear is using the sense of hearing.  However, the brain is actually our sound conductor and works diligently to ensure that body’s response to sound is in balance, has the best rhythm, maintains the proper duration of sound, supports the best inflection, and keeps the entire body in tune.  The brain understands the cellular rhythmical patterns and knows when those patterns, or our body’s sound song patterns are in harmony with the body’s everyday functioning.  The brain and body work together to harmonize or balance how the body responds to what is taking place inside of it as well as to what is happening outside or around it.  The way we respond to sound works in a cycle of balancing the frequencies.

The brain turns the cellular frequency or vibrational codes that it processes into meaningful functional responses.  The input from the senses, whether they are hearing, sight, touch, smell, or taste, are only additional codes that the brain receives and processes.  All frequency codes should be considered as ‘sound’. These codes produce chords, overtones and/or harmonics of the sounds. The brain processes these sound frequency codes and their subsets in order to produce the body’s response.  The brain supports the body to maintain a level of body coherence or balance. So sound processing is more a mind/body response than a sensory response. Sound-based therapy supports balancing this responsiveness, especially as evidenced within the Voice-Ear-Brain Connection.

How Is Sound Therapy an Energy Medicine?

Most people hear the word sound and assume ‘music’.  They don’t immediately think of ‘energy’.  Within the context of energy medicine, sound is simply the vibration or frequency of specific energetic movements usually at the atomic, quantum, or cellular level. So while music contains, embeds, and revolves around all particulars of sound vibration, in the context of sound-based therapy, especially as used within The Davis Model of Sound Intervention℠, sound is more energy than music.


Sound energy is all around you.  Most likely you can ‘hear’ the sounds that are within the frequency range to which the ear responds.  Your ear supports hearing as a sensory response.  However, sound in the form of energetic movement at the minutest vibrational frequency is more a response that your brain interprets and understands.


Sound therapy, and more specifically sound-based therapy, uses the vibrational energy of sound with special equipment, specific programs, modified movement, and/or specific tones or beats, the need for which is determined from testing.  This testing determines if, when, how long, and in what order the various sound-based therapies can be appropriately applied.[1]


Energy medicine and vibrational medicine are often interchangeable.  As quantum physics took hold in the twentieth century, it became apparent that the world’s and the body’s energy interact with each other.   Einstein’s E=mc2  provided the foundation for considering the body as an energy system.  The fields of our body energy system could be manipulated, thereby balancing our internal and external cellular, atomic, and most likely quark movement vibrational patterns.


Every cell resonates its own sound vibrational frequency.  Within the context of energy medicine, when a disturbance is created in the body’s energy field, whether internal or external to the body, the disturbance is felt throughout the body.  For most, this disturbance is so minute that the impact is not consciously felt in the body, but the brain would be able to interpret this disturbance.  The cells interpret the disturbances from the brain and begin a self-correcting or self-healing process in the body.  Our bodies are constantly working at this balancing process. And energy medicine techniques attempt to change the person by changing and balancing their cellular energy.  Sound-based therapies attempt to change the person by changing their frequencies or sound energy.  Therefore sound-based therapy fits easily into the field of energy medicine.





Dorinne Davis is President of The Davis Center, Succasunna, NJ. Additional information can be obtained through

[1] For additional information about this process, read the books, Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy by Dorinne Davis, or The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link by Dorinne Davis.