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presented by Dorinne Davis

Does your New Year’s Resolution include Staying Well? Better include Sound Therapy!

A recent statistic said that many Americans resolve to stay well or work towards being well for the new year.  While there are diets, exercise programs, and cleanses that many try to motivate their body towards being well, perhaps one that everyone should consider is The Davis Model of Sound Intervention®, a process that promotes self-healing from within.  This process uses what the body says it wants and needs to stay well.  It eliminates the guessing of choosing what’s right for you!

 Our body knows what it needs to stay well but needs us to make the right choices so that it can.  For example, I have never tested as having an allergy or sensitivity to dairy yet a voice analysis—one of the determining portions within The Davis Model of Sound Intervention®–showed that my body was always in stress with casein, lactose and whey Frequency Equivalents®.  I have also never been tested showing gluten intolerance, just the opposite in fact.  However, my voice analysis also showed significant stress with the frequencies associated with gluten and wheat issues. My life had been filled with constant nasal and sinus congestion, upper respiratory illness and frequent coughing.  I was tired of always having a ready handkerchief in my pocket for the congestion and/or sucking on cough drops or drinking hot tea for the cough.  Since I believe in the work I do, I chose to begin a casein/gluten free diet.  I noticed the body changes immediately.  I no longer need to have a ready handkerchief unless I go off my diet and my friends notice immediately if I have ingested a dairy product because I start coughing.

 So my choice was determined from one of the evaluative portions of The Davis Model of Sound Intervention®.  What does that mean?  This model utilizes a recently identified subtle energy system in the body that resonates between the voice, ear and brain.  This triad energy system’s concept demonstrates that the voice produces what the ear hears and the ear emits the same stressed frequencies as the voice, and when the correcting frequencies are reintroduced to the body, the body works towards self-balancing or self-healing.  The voice analysis was one piece of this model.  The other portions analyze how your body processes sound in the brain from the many ways that sound is sent to the brain (not just the ear).  And one technique for supporting the self-healing process uses the sound emitted by the ear and one’s voice.

Every cell in your body receives and emits sound which your brain processes, interprets and shares with your body.  For some, those sounds do not balance the body but instead begin the process for the body to self-correct.  Our body is always working to help us improve but often we ingest, get stimulated, or are around something that challenges our body with that self-correcting process and as a result, other challenges pop up or symptoms get masked from the underlying issue.  The body’s cellular frequencies, or sounds within my process, know the real answers.

 The Davis Model of Sound Intervention® supports change not only with wellness but also with learning and developmental challenges.  If one part of the triad is off-balance, the whole body is off-balance.  By determining where the biggest challenges are, the correct sound-based therapies can begin the self-correcting process.  For some the change is immediate.  For others with more indepth issues, the process can take months or in some cases, years for the changes to be noticed.  Certainly for those with learning/developmental challenges with the severity of autism, the process for noticeable change may take a long time.  For those demonstrating challenges with lesser learning/developmental issues, the process is not as long.  I have many parents discuss that after a three month program, their child has made new friends, does his homework faster, attends for longer periods of time, is less sensory out of balance, is reading better, is better able to communicate, and more. 

 However, the therapies suggested after the initial Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP®) will only begin the needed repatterning. The therapies start the cyclical cellular effect for change.  For some, especially when an adult, the process may take longer because the stop gaps already established in the body/brain need more time to accept the newly repatterned changes.  I recently talked to a male adult client who had experienced significant emotional imbalances two years ago who said his life finally came together and he is moving forward with great success both personally and professionally.  He attributes this success to the changes started two years ago.  In other words, the sound-based therapy(ies) suggested from the evaluation is only the starting point.  The body takes charge and works to further the change, provided that another altering frequency does not disturb the pattern. 

 If, however, a new stop gap, trauma, or disturbance gets introduced, the body can only work to self-heal to the limits of its capabilities.  In my case, while I may have previously used my sound-based therapies to support my everyday thinking and functioning, it wasn’t until I stopped ingesting dairy and gluten that my wellness stabilized and balanced itself. 

So give your body a present for the new year!  Work at balancing your overall functioning and wellness with the use of specific sound-based therapies geared towards making that happen.  Help your body focus better, sleep better, feel better, experience more energy and more, all while supporting your ability to self-heal. Take the challenge!  Discover the importance of using the sound energy patterns of your body to maintain your overall wellness.