Sound Sense the Wellness Blog

presented by Dorinne Davis

If the Wright Brothers flew their first plane 100 years ago, imagine where sound-based therapy (as per The Davis Model of Sound Intervention℠) will be in 100 years.

I recognize that my work won’t be fully recognized until after my time on Earth has passed, but when I read the other day that the Wright brother’s first flight was in 1903 and see how far aviation advanced in 100 years, it really sunk in that my grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren will be the ones to benefit from my work.  It has taken me 21 years to develop the Davis Model of Sound Intervention℠ to its current level and I have plans to develop my ‘therapeutic’ approach into a more ‘generic’ approach for all people to receive benefit in the near future.  I feel compelled to make this happen in the early part of the 21st century so that by the time the end of the century is here, the research, benefits and applications of this approach are fully recognized and utilized by most people on the planet.

Imagine a world where people wake up each morning and plug into their ear a device that tells them what their body most needs at that moment to feel better for that day, and then listen to that sound throughout the day to motivate them, energize them, and overall enhance them throughout the day—all while their body is working to self-balance their body’s energy frequencies.  In the future, these frequencies or sounds will be used as a medical measurement tool and subsequently their own self-healing tool.

Telehealth has been introduced as a current concept for a ‘modern’ healthcare system.  While the generalized sound technique mentioned above won’t miraculously address specific illnesses or diseases (or who knows maybe it will in 100 years), the process will support the body on a self-healing pathway for better overall daily functioning. The process is called Ototoning, and is the culmination for body sound energy balancing as within the Davis Model of Sound Intervention℠, a model that balances a subtle energy system within our body called the Voice-Ear-Brain Connection℠.

When I see that concepts of human consciousness and subconscious interaction within our body are scoffed at in the literature today, I hope that someone in the beginning of the 22nd century will see this blog and recognize that my concept of using the subtle energy system existing between the voice, ear, and brain to self-heal was equally as momentous as the Wright brother’s first flight.  I hope I’m given to time to watch the transition to acceptance.