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How Is Sound Therapy an Energy Medicine?

Most people hear the word sound and assume ‘music’.  They don’t immediately think of ‘energy’.  Within the context of energy medicine, sound is simply the vibration or frequency of specific energetic movements usually at the atomic, quantum, or cellular level. So while music contains, embeds, and revolves around all particulars of sound vibration, in the context of sound-based therapy, especially as used within The Davis Model of Sound Intervention℠, sound is more energy than music.


Sound energy is all around you.  Most likely you can ‘hear’ the sounds that are within the frequency range to which the ear responds.  Your ear supports hearing as a sensory response.  However, sound in the form of energetic movement at the minutest vibrational frequency is more a response that your brain interprets and understands.


Sound therapy, and more specifically sound-based therapy, uses the vibrational energy of sound with special equipment, specific programs, modified movement, and/or specific tones or beats, the need for which is determined from testing.  This testing determines if, when, how long, and in what order the various sound-based therapies can be appropriately applied.[1]


Energy medicine and vibrational medicine are often interchangeable.  As quantum physics took hold in the twentieth century, it became apparent that the world’s and the body’s energy interact with each other.   Einstein’s E=mc2  provided the foundation for considering the body as an energy system.  The fields of our body energy system could be manipulated, thereby balancing our internal and external cellular, atomic, and most likely quark movement vibrational patterns.


Every cell resonates its own sound vibrational frequency.  Within the context of energy medicine, when a disturbance is created in the body’s energy field, whether internal or external to the body, the disturbance is felt throughout the body.  For most, this disturbance is so minute that the impact is not consciously felt in the body, but the brain would be able to interpret this disturbance.  The cells interpret the disturbances from the brain and begin a self-correcting or self-healing process in the body.  Our bodies are constantly working at this balancing process. And energy medicine techniques attempt to change the person by changing and balancing their cellular energy.  Sound-based therapies attempt to change the person by changing their frequencies or sound energy.  Therefore sound-based therapy fits easily into the field of energy medicine.





Dorinne Davis is President of The Davis Center, Succasunna, NJ. Additional information can be obtained through

[1] For additional information about this process, read the books, Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy by Dorinne Davis, or The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link by Dorinne Davis.