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When all else fails, try Sound Therapy

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I put together today a proposal for a conference called “When all else fails, try Sound Therapy” because I hear so often from my clients that they have come to me as a ‘last resort’ and don’t know where to turn.  They often comment at the Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol that I provided more information about how they function than some of the most involved testing they’ve received elsewhere. That’s because I talk about how their energy imbalances affect them in their daily functioning versus a biological or physiological interpretation of their symptoms.  Once they begin the protocol of sound-based therapies that was determined from the diagnostic evaluation, and begin to see change occurring in unexpected ways, they realize that something has begun to change in a powerful way.  Sometimes the changes are so positively dramatic that others around them don’t recognize them as the same person.  Yet, for some, the change has to go back into their very foundational core imbalances and then move forward at a slower pace and for some this movement creates significant negative patterns before the positive is able to blossom.  This is scary for some as you can imagine.  But if you continue the protocol, the eventual changes become positive.  Because I focus on the eventual potential for self-healing after becoming balanced with the Voice-Ear-Brain Connection, each person’s life can change individually for life.  So I look forward to the possibility that this proposal will be accepted and that I have the chance to share this with others.


Author: dorinnedavis

leading sound-based therapist, Founder of The Davis Center, creator of The Davis Model of Sound Intervention, author "Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy", author "The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link", originator of The Davis Addendum to the Tomatis Effect, developer of The Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP) and The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy.

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