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Thinking about the differences in the many sound interventions

I was attending a church service with my daughter the other day.  I’ve learned that when my thoughts flow through it is best to capture them in the moment.  Whenever I can, I capture them by voice but since we were in church, I got out my iPhone and started typing.  I am always trying to find ways to tell people about what I do and how I am different from others within the sound intervention community.  I know in my new book The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link I discuss the differences in the terms sound healing, sound therapy and sound-based therapy, but these new thoughts may present differences that may also be helpful.  What I wrote is:

     Sound healing is like treating a headache with aspirin.  You get immediate help and the symptoms go away.

      But sound-based therapy, as introduced within The Davis Model of Sound Intervention, helps you find out why you have the headache in the first place and works toward getting you long lasting change.  While the symptoms may be helped, the more important change is at your core, foundational, cellular sound response level. Change the cause and the symptoms should not recur.

   So as I usually say, Sound Therapy Changes Lives


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How many years will it take?

Lately I’ve been asked to be on either radio or TV shows at least twice a week since my latest book came out.  It’s really exciting that people are extra interested in how a new subtle energy system has been found.  Imagine years ago prior to currently known subtle energy systems.  Did people laugh or scoff at what they said or demonstrated?  For many yes, and it has taken years for some ideas to be discovered as ‘effective’.  Take as an example acupuncture.  I saw an article yesterday that demonstrated how effective acupuncture can be for certain health challenges.  Acupuncture was first ‘discussed’ or ‘used’ was 2700 years ago. The first acupuncture school in China was 443 AD.  It has also been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years.  I remember visiting China with a medical expedition in 2004 and saw the ‘acupuncture man’, a metallic form of a man with holes in it that students used to ‘pass’ their acupuncture exam.  The holes were covered with wax and the man was filled with water.  In order to pass the test the needles had to be placed at just the right point in order for the water to not leak out.  Well, it has taken nearly 1500 years for that science which uses a subtle energy system to be somewhat recognized.  My Voice-Ear-Brain Connection has only been identified now.  Will it take another 1500 years before it too becomes recognized as an important system in our body?  I certainly hope not.  While I hope I can find funding to start a ‘school’ to teach my beginning ideas, processes, and techniques, let’s hope that I can get the foundation in  place before I pass on.  I certainly won’t be able to last 1500 years.  So help me develop, promote, and share this powerful subtle energy system!  If interested, reach out and offer assistance–with developing the process, developing software, organizing research, finding investors, and so much more.  The time for world energetic change is this year. Let’s make it happen.  Be well, stay sound.  Sound is the medicine of the future but let’s make the future sooner than 1500 years from now.

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I put together today a proposal for a conference called “When all else fails, try Sound Therapy” because I hear so often from my clients that they have come to me as a ‘last resort’ and don’t know where to turn.  They often comment at the Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol that I provided more information about how they function than some of the most involved testing they’ve received elsewhere. That’s because I talk about how their energy imbalances affect them in their daily functioning versus a biological or physiological interpretation of their symptoms.  Once they begin the protocol of sound-based therapies that was determined from the diagnostic evaluation, and begin to see change occurring in unexpected ways, they realize that something has begun to change in a powerful way.  Sometimes the changes are so positively dramatic that others around them don’t recognize them as the same person.  Yet, for some, the change has to go back into their very foundational core imbalances and then move forward at a slower pace and for some this movement creates significant negative patterns before the positive is able to blossom.  This is scary for some as you can imagine.  But if you continue the protocol, the eventual changes become positive.  Because I focus on the eventual potential for self-healing after becoming balanced with the Voice-Ear-Brain Connection, each person’s life can change individually for life.  So I look forward to the possibility that this proposal will be accepted and that I have the chance to share this with others.