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Sending out Sound Notes

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Since my newest book The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link is out, I will be posting to our twitter and facebook accounts bi-weekly Sound Notes.  These Sound Notes will give quotes or portions of the new book with relevance to sound, energy, energy balancing, the Voice-Ear-Brain Connection, sound processing and so much more.  To receive these quotes and learn more about sound energy, connect with us on or with twitter @DorinneDavis.  Sound is such a powerful sensation in our lives, both within our bodies and from external sources.  We are daily impacted by how we respond to the sounds around us.  Learn more on this new journey through sound.


Author: dorinnedavis

leading sound-based therapist, Founder of The Davis Center, creator of The Davis Model of Sound Intervention, author "Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy", author "The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link", originator of The Davis Addendum to the Tomatis Effect, developer of The Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP) and The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy.

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