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Sound has the p…

Sound has the p….


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Sound has the potential to make foundational change at the cellular level for anyone.  When used with specific sound-based therapies along a continuum of appropriately chosen therapies, a major change can occur that will support learning, development and wellness imbalances.  This process has been identified with the research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis in his Tomatis Effect and with my research known as the Davis Addendum to the Tomatis Effect.  Together the results come together in a new subtle energy system called The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection introduced in my new book called The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link available through  A brand new technique for promoting self-healing called Ototoning is introduced.  Learn how the sound the body identifies as needed can be fed back to the body to help balance one’s energy and wellness. 

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Introducing my new book

The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link is available for prepublication on for a pre-publication price until Sunday. Check it out. Find out how your body can tell you what it wants to begin self-healing itself.